Africa’s Circular Economy Supply Chain Platform & Recyclate Marketplace

We connect waste producers with recyclers, streamline the circular economy, and ensure a consistent supply of high-quality recycled materials. Transforming Africa’s waste into valuable resources, one connection at a time. Launching in June 2024!

Circular Economy Supply Chain Platform

Our Circular Supply Chain Platform will offer transparency and efficiency and enable a seamless flow of recycled materials. With real-time tracking and blockchain verification, customers and businesses can ensure the ethical sourcing and environmental integrity of their supply chain, fostering trust and sustainability in every transaction.

B2B Recyclate Marketplace

Our B2B Recyclate Marketplace will connect businesses with a vast network of recyclers and streamline the procurement of quality recycled materials. We simplify the sourcing process, reduces costs, and open up new avenues for sustainable material sourcing, ensuring businesses can meet their sustainability initiatives objectives.

Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel

Our platform connects used cooking oil waste producers with biodiesel manufacturers, addressing inefficiencies and environmental harm. By streamlining sourcing and processing, we turn used cooking waste into valuable resources, promoting sustainability and renewable energy. We are pioneering Africa’s Waste-to-Fuel circular economy.

African Innovation, with Purpose

Advancing Africa’s Circular Economy through TelioGreen’s Supply Chain Platform & Recyclate Marketplace

TelioGreen is reshaping Africa’s approach to sustainability by providing a robust Circular Economy Supply Chain Platform and Recyclate Marketplace that serves manufacturers, recyclers, and sustainability professionals. Our platform not only streamlines the sourcing of recyclable materials with precision and ease but also delivers a transparent, blockchain-enhanced supply chain that guarantees ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Join a dynamic ecosystem fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and sustainable progress in African CleanTech & Circular Economy. Build with us!

Building a Digital, pan-African, Circular Economy

How the B2B Recyclate Marketplace Works

TelioGreen’s is launching a B2B recyclate marketplace tailored for African problems. Our platform simplifies connections between vendors and buyers, ensuring seamless transactions and real-time access to a broad market. Vendors can manage products efficiently, receive timely payments, and access essential market insights and sales data.

1. Register as a Vendor

The first step is to sign up and register as a vendor on our platform. This process is straightforward and designed to get you up and running quickly. Once registered, you become part of our growing community of vendors, suppliers, sellers, and logistics providers.

2. Create Your Catalogue

After registration, you can create your catalogues or update your stock. Our platform makes it easy to list your recycled materials, update quantities, and manage your inventory efficiently.

3. Sell and Earn

With your catalogue set up, you’re ready to start selling your recycled materials. Our platform connects you with buyers in need of your products, helping you turn your recycled materials into income.

4. Access Your Data

Our platform provides you with comprehensive sales data and ecosystem marketplace data. You can track your sales, monitor trends, and gain insights into the whole supply chain. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and grow your business.

Streamlined Transactions and Transparent Traceability

TelioGreen ensures the integrity of the recycling supply chain through blockchain-backed traceability. This feature grants both vendors and buyers complete visibility, from the origin of materials to their final product, enhancing transparency and trust across transactions. Our platform supports a diverse material marketplace, hosting a wide array of recyclable materials that empower buyers to easily locate desired quality and quantities, ensuring competitive pricing and reliability.

Advanced Analytics and Strategic Insights

Our platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide data-driven insights, offering vendors and buyers crucial market intelligence. This technology equips all users with the ability to make informed decisions, optimizing their operational strategies and staying competitive. Through TelioGreen, stakeholders gain access to powerful analytics that highlight market trends, demand fluctuations, and consumer preferences, fostering a smarter, more responsive circular economy.

Transforming Trash to Treasure: the Top 5 Challenges in Africa’s Recycling Commerce

Discover the critical challenges facing Africa’s recycling commerce and how TelioGreen is paving the way for sustainable solutions. From inadequate infrastructure to fragmented markets, our latest blog post delves into the top five obstacles that hinder the growth of recycling in Africa. Join us as we explore these challenges and how TelioGreen’s innovative platform is transforming them into opportunities for growth and sustainability. Read more on our Blog and see how you can be part of the change

Why Track and Analyze Africa’s Circular Economy Funding Opportunity Data?

Understand the importance of tracking and analyzing Africa’s circular economy funding opportunity data. This article will delve into how such data can drive informed decision-making and foster innovation in the circular economy.

Enabling Africa’s Sustainability Tech and Circular Economy Innovation

We envision inspiring solutions, and create opportunities for prosperity, dignity and betterment of Africans. We are a force multiplier and an enabler for innovators tackling our continent’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. We invite you to build with us!


Our Analytics Hub

Circular Supply Chain Analysis

Collect, Track and Analyze Data

Collect, track and analyze Circular Supply Chain data and analyze it with Artificial Intelligence.

AI & Data Analytics

Analytics for Data-driven Sustainability Interventions

Access quality Ecosystem-wide Data Analytics. Prepare your business to stay on top of circular economy & supply chain trends.

Dashboards and Reports

Insights for Circular Economy & Supply Chain Visibility

Get access to relevant and high quality dashboards and reports from Circular Economy & Supply Chain Data.

Also access data-driven and strategic business development, fundraising and circular economy ecosystem building. Align market problems you are solving with available ecosystem resources and funding on TelioGreen’s Innovation & Opportunity Hub.

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Recent Opportunities, Reports and Analytics

Check out our ‘Analytics Hub’, an AI and data-driven section of our Funding and Opportunity Data Platform. Here, you’ll find comprehensive funding and opportunity data analytics, insightful reports, interactive dashboards, and valuable insights, all designed to empower your decision-making in the circular economy space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Circular Economy?

The circular economy is an economic model that aims to eliminate waste and promote the continual use of resources. It involves designing products and systems in a way that they can be reused, repaired, or recycled, thereby creating a closed-loop system.

What are the benefits of Circular Economy Value Chains in Africa?

Circular economy value chains in Africa can lead to significant economic, environmental, and social benefits. They can create new jobs, reduce waste, conserve resources, and stimulate innovation in sustainability tech, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

How do I enable the Circular Economy Transition?

You can enable the circular economy transition by adopting sustainable practices, supporting businesses that prioritize circularity, and innovating solutions that contribute to a waste-free world. Our platform provides the necessary data and insights to guide your decisions in this journey.

What are some of TelioGreen’s Plans on the Circular Economy Transition?

As the brand of TELIOSPACE focused on sustainability, agriculture and the circular economy, TelioGreen is committed to contributing towards a just and equitable transition to a circular economy in Africa. Our plans include the introduction of a comprehensive Circular Economy SaaS Suite of products focused on solving the waste crisis, digitizing Africa’s circular supply chain, and promoting innovative solutions across the value chain. Watch this space!